Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool Canine Campground!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Things have been extra busy! I have also been trying to organize my pictures from Mackinaw City so I can post more stories. If I put all the info in one post, it would be too long and no one would read it.

SOOO.... I promise more will come later. But, I wanted to share a link to a place that I found online and I am in LOVE with this idea. It is a campground that caters to those who camp with their dogs. Four Paws Kingdom is in North Carolina, so I may not ever make it there myself, but what a fabulous idea!! I think I need to own a franchise in the Upper Peninsula! Not only do they have several fenced dog parks and agility courses, you can sign up for a dog walking service if you want to go sightseeing, and plenty of other amenities for our four legged friends.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More on Vita and water dangers

Since we just returned from a trip where my dogs were in water a lot, this story stuck a chord. This last weekend, my dogs were in the Great Lakes, which is safe from blue-green algae, but I will be studying what danger signs to look out for.

Click here for a story that was published in the Flint Journal about Vita.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Mackinaw City, Part 1

Well, it's almost been a week since we have returned home from our five day camping trip, and I am just now starting my updates! But I found lots of great things for families with dogs to do.
Today I will talk about our campground, the Tee Pee in Mackinaw City. It was GREAT. I was a little worried as we were driving up to it, as it was right smack dab in the middle of a row of hotels. I thought there was no way we would feel like we were in the great outdoors. But, I was pleasantly surprised! It was right on the shore of Lake Huron, with a view of the bridge. The sites were nice and big too.
There were a ton of dogs at the campground, but not once were we approached by any that did not have an invitation.
And the dogs were allowed right on the beach. This picture shows Sparky wading in Lake Huron. Beautiful! We took the dogs to the beach to watch the sunset and to watch the kids play. I could have stayed at the campground the whole time, and been happy.
But, in Mackinaw City there is too much to do. The campground is within walking distance to the shopping district, perfect for dog owners. And the ferry lines will come pick you up and bring you to the docks. Dogs are also allowed on the shuttles and ferries.
In the next few days I will talk about all the stuff we did that made my dogs sleep for 3 days straight!