Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Winter and My Dogs Hate the Cold

That is the reason I haven't blogged in months. I have had several people e-mail me about the blog. So I wanted to let them know that I haven't forgot or let it slide, we just haven't camped sinced October.

AND, the lift system on our 35-year-old camper gave out on us, so that has to be replaced before we can go out again. We love our little Apache. Any fellow Apache owners out there will agree that they are special. So we don't want to give up on him.... even though the cost to fix it would probably get us a working 30+-year-old Apache (if we could find one). With the addition of more kids and dogs we will need to eventualy upgrade to a travel trailer anyways, but we're holding out as long as we can.

We are looking at locations to camp this year. I want to go to the West side of the lower peninsula to do a presentation for some greyhound groups near Grand Rapids. I am also thinking of starting a Dog Scout Troop to encourage more greyhounds to get involved, and if I determine I have enough interest I will go to their leadership retreat... hopefully the camper will be fixed by then so we can camp on-site in lil' Apache!

Stay tuned for more adventures!