Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally.... Memorial Day Plans

Note to self.... next year make Memorial Day reservations at least three months in advance!

Actually, we had reservations at one of the private campgrounds that we belong to but they gave us the run-around about bringing friends. First they told us that they couldn't reserve a non-member spot until the week of the holiday, so we waited. Then when we called yesterday they said they changed their mind, no non-members on holiday weekends. Pickles!!

The beauty of a world online is we had access to hundreds of listings of campgrounds. It turns out that sites in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula were easy to find. There is nothing we love more than a little Northern Michigan (I come from Yooper Stock). However, with gas prices so high we wanted to stay as close to home as possible. Apparently, the rest of the state feels the same way, because I have never seen the areas close to Mackinac so available over a holiday.

So I was calling campgrounds within 2 hours of Detroit and getting laughed at... understandably so, but I figured it didn't hurt to ask. So when the staff at the Holly Jellystone told me that had two spots side-by-side I didn't believe them. Once I realized I wasn't hallucinating, I grabbed the spots and we will be camping within an hour of home.

Of course now I am worried that there is a reasons this campground has opening. Having never been to this, or any other Jellystone, I don't know what to expect. So if any of you have personal experience, please share in the comments section. I hear that it is really geared toward kids. Since there will be four kids with us that will be great (wear 'em out and put them to bed!). Hopefully this won't mean tons of kids rushing up to the dogs. But if need be I will keep them in the camper more. They're actually pretty good with kids, but I still monitor to make sure they're not beyond their limit.

Happy Camping!

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