Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Aid for Pets

No Camping for me this weekend :-(

But I had a good reason! I attended a First Aid Seminar for Pets. I did this because I am a dog trainer, but as I was taking notes I realized how important it was to know Pet First Aid when you take your dog camping.

This course covered a wide range of topics,such as rescue breathing and CPR. But we also learned how to care for our dogs when they experience things such as heatstroke, snake bites, fractures. This is ESPECIALLY important when you are in an area where it would take a while to get to a vet.

I would recommend a course like this one to ALL dog (and cat) owners. If you live in Metro-Detroit visit First Aid 4 Paws. They taught the course I took and it was very in-depth. I hope to take thier longer course this fall.

If you live elsewhere, check this site for a referral to a PetTech instructor in your state:

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